From the Editor’s Desk 

Christina Jerosch-HeroldFrom the Editor’s Desk
Hand Therapy 16(2): 27; doi:10.1258/ht.2011.011008 [PDF]


 Jennifer S Lewis, Karen Coales, Jane Hall, and Candida S McCabe‘Now you see it, now you do not’: sensory–motor re-education in complex regional pain syndrome
Hand Therapy 16(2): 29—38; first published on 12 May 2011 as doi: 10.1258/ht.2011.011005 [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]

Original articles 

 P J Jiji, Ashwin Krishnamurthy, Soubhagya R Nayak, Sujatha D’Costa, Mangala M Pai, Latha V Prabhu, Senthil Kumar, and M K LalithaAberrant deep flexor muscles of the forearm associated with the accessory origin of first lumbrical muscle
Hand Therapy 16(2): 39—41; first published on 14 March 2011 as doi: 10.1258/ht.2011.011003 [Abstract][Full Text][Figures Only][PDF]
 Nicole Glassey and Mia PhillipsComparison of the effect of two application methods of self-adherent wrap (CobanTM) on range of motion in the hands of healthy subjects
Hand Therapy 16(2): 42—44; first published on 12 May 2011 as doi: 10.1258/ht.2011.011004 [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
 Nora Pervulesko, Volker Schöffl, and Christian GormaszEvaluation of a self-diagnostic tool for Dupuytren’s disease in rock climbers
Hand Therapy 16(2): 45—48; first published on 26 January 2011 as doi: 10.1258/ht.2010.010027 [Abstract][Full Text][Figures Only][PDF]

DVD review 

Emma KellyDigital dynamics: anatomical odyssey through the finger
Hand Therapy 16(2): 49; first published on 10 May 2011 as doi: 10.1258/ht.2011.011006 [Full Text][PDF]

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